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Firstly, can I make it absolutely clear that I don't believe in selling someone a vehicle, which I feel they're either not going to be happy with, or I feel is not going to right for them. Below, I've formulated a few quick, albeit light hearted questions, which will, I think, help determine your suitability to Classic Car ownership.

Firstly, most dealers, in fact the majority of people selling anything they want you to buy, will tell you exactly what you want to hear, just to get a sale, regardless of the consequences. I believe this is wrong, and only results in negative feeling on both sides.

So, with that in mind here goes a few questions you should ask yourself:

Do you listen to/for every creak or rattle in a car?

Do you worry about every little noise that a car makes?

Do you rate creature comforts (such as aircon, cup-holders etc) above anything else in a car?

Do you like to stand out from the crowd, or do you just want to "blend in"?

Do you worry about the suffix/prefix on your registration number?

Do you refer to a car just by its age, for example as a "59" Plate or "02" Plate?

Do your aspirations revolve around having the latest "thing" available?

Do you rate the age of a car above its quality?

Do you go round and inspect a car with a microscope looking for every minute imperfection, stone chip or mark?

Do you have untreated excessive obsessive-compulsive disorders?

Would seemingly small insignificant imperfections on/in a car ruin your life? 

Do other people think you are to much of a perfectionist?

Do you really think a, Renault Clio Mk.1, Vauxhall Corsa Mk.1 or an early Ford Mondeo is really a Classic?

Please remember this is a tongue-in-cheek questionnaire, however that said I'd seriously question your reasons for wanting a classic car. Experience has taught me that classic ownership is not for everyone. Accepting small imperfections is part of the experience. Remember imperfection is part of life; if everything was perfect, how boring would it be. It took me 25 years to realise that no car, however new is perfect!

Finally, all said and done, If I feel that you may be making the wrong decision, I may actually refuse to sell you a car. I have an excellent reputation, a very happy set of customers and want to keep it that way.
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